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Recurring & Premonition Dreams

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Recurring dreams are often disturbing patterns within the dream life.  People with emotional trauma and/or post-traumatic stress disorder seem to have recurring images in dreams most often.  Children also are more susceptible to experience recurring dreams or dream images than most adults, although it is not uncommon for all persons to experience them at on time or another.  The frequency is irrelevant.  A dream that occurs three times a month or three times a decade may be considered "recurring."  Interpreting recurring dreams can be useful in finding lifestyle patterns or relationship tendencies.

Often a recurring dream is either a reflection of life, a prophetic, or premonition dream about what lies ahead in life.

Premonition dreams are dreams with particularly strong insight into future events.  These may include dreams about impending disasters, death of loved ones, visits from friends or family, etc.  In these cases the dreamer may awake with a strong sense of needing to do something, either by way of completion of the dream or warning others about the dream.  Most of the time dreams are not direct in what they are saying.  For example, very rarely will a premonition dream about someone dying, actually be interpreted into that person's death.  Dreams like to come in forms of metaphors and stories that can be related to different situations, which is another great reason to have your dreams interpreted and to keep a dream journal.

However, because trigger events arise out of our daily transactions, it is not too surprising that some dreams create feelings of premonition in the waking life.  This is especially true of situations where dreams have content that reflects ongoing, drawn-out life circumstances.  You may dream about a particular situation and resolution of it, then find yourself in a meeting the next day where circumstances unfold in very similar fashion to the dram you had last night, which is also call the "deja vu" effect.

Prophetic dreams are associated with religious events and the religious circumstances that one is going through.  They are usually a type of premonition dream, but are often said to be God guiding us throughout our life in the events that are happening or will happen.  These dreams often place the dreamer in a position of reckoning with ultimate reality.  The dreamer will often waken with a heightened sense of awareness in their relationship to God, or their needed relationship with God.