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Example Interpretations

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Here is an example of an interpreted dream.  This will give you a little more insight as to what your interpretations will look like.  Remember, the dreamer is the one who understands the interpretation, we at Daily Dreams are only here to help.  It is very important to include all information and to stress the information that has stood out in your mind.

The Dream:
I walk into a room with four doors and a raised platform in the middle with a gargoyle-like devil in the middle of the platform.  The room is illuminated in light.  I don't feel afraid.  I walk around the room, closing three of the doors, then walk out the fourth door and shut it behind me.  Now I'm in a room filled with smaller gargoyle-like creatures.  Suddenly, they begin to transform into human beings.  I look back at the large gargoyle in the other room and he too is transforming into a human form.

The Interpretation:
Walking is a discovery-oriented situation.  When walking you are forced to experience your environment, rather than driving away from it.  If you are alone and you are walking and your destination is far off, this may indicate that you are missing some of the pleasures of life, or you may need to slow down and handle the tasks at hand.  To see a bright light in dreams, may indicate that you need to move towards a higher level of understanding, awareness, and feeling, possibly within yourself.  Doors are ways of accessing situations and opportunities.  Because you close the door, may indicate that you have finished with opportunities or do not want to access them.  Transformation in dreams may indicate needing to assess personality attributes.  Gargoyles can signify hidden and embarrassing fears over secretive matters.  Because the gargoyle is transforming in this dream may indicate that your secrets are only human, or that you have recently dealt with those issues and are not or should not be embarrassed about them anymore.

The dreamer: (This is actually the real-life experience that the dreamer was going through)
    The lady who experienced this dream was going through many changes in her life.  She was discovering dark parts of her personality that she had previously feared.  The bright lights were very significant to her.  In order to become a whole person, she was illuminating her dark side and closing off the doors to that part of her personality.  The fact that the gargoyles transformed into humans indicated that all humans have a dark side that needs to be dealt with.