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What do dreams mean? defines dream as, "A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep."
    But, what do dreams mean?  Dreams are compilations of events happening throughout your life that you would otherwise not be aware of.  Emotions that people go through, and subconscious thoughts come out during your dreaming hours.  Although it is very rare, some dreams give foreshadowing of the future, but do not predict the future.

Put your fears away of satanism, and continue reading about the insight that dream interpreting can give you into your life.

The Stages of Sleep

Before you understand your dreams you need to understand the dream and sleeping process.  Opinion varies with sleep stages, but those involved with Daily Dreams believe that there are four stages of sleep in which brain activity changes throughout the night.

    Stage 1
Studies show a 50% reduction in brain activity between being awake and stage 1.  The eyes are closed during this stage, and if aroused a person may feel as if her or she has not slept.  This stage may last for 5 - 20 minutes.

    Stage 2
        Brain waves during this period fluctuate rapidly which indicate the periods of muscle relaxation.  The heart rate slows and body temperature decreases as the body prepares for a very deep sleep.

    Stage 3
Brain waves during this stage slow down considerable.  It is more difficult to wake the sleeper from this stage.

    Stage 4 or REM
Stage 4 occurs after approximately 30 minutes of sleep and after about 20 minutes into stage 4, the sleeper falls into the NREM, or Non-Rapid Eye Movement part of the stage where dreams begin to occur.  After about 10-20 minutes in the REM stage, the sleeper starts to drift back through the stages.  This cycle can repeat itself several times during the sleep process until the dreamer is in the actual REM part of the stage where the most vivid dreams occur.
        A sleeping process may vary but usually looks like this:
        Stage 1
        Stage 2
        Stage 3
        Stage 4
        Stage 3
        Stage 2

Why should you  have your dreams interpreted?

   This is probably the biggest question.  Most do not understand why we dream and what effects dream interpreting can have on oneself. 
    Dream interpreting can give insight into many different aspects of one's life.  It can show you how to deal with stressful situations during real life and can show you which parts of life need to be left alone.  Dreams are the dimension in which emotions and situations that we need or want to take part in, run wild!
    They can help us deal with moral situations as well as fears and coping with dying. 
    There are too many people who are scared about the dreams that they have, and this is the place to let those fears get lost.

How are dreams interpreted?

    Dreams occur about many different situations and can be short or long.  To each person symbols in a dream can mean different things in accordance to the symbols surrounding it.  It is important when having dreams interpreted that the dreamer must include all information about the dream.  Emotions, colors, and quality of items in the dream, all play a big part in the interpretation.
    Although the interpreter does not understand the feelings that the dreamer has, with all this information, it is easy to give the dreamer more insight into their dream.  However, it is up to the dreamer to understand the situations that occur in dreaming because they know the situations that are going on in their life.


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